How do I Pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque or online bank transfer. Our payment details will be supplied upon booking. For new bookings we require payment in advance. Regular bookings can be paid weekly, long term bookings monthly.



How do you transport the Dogs?

We use a van with vet approved dog cages. By using cages your dog is safer and it is safer for us to drive. In addition a van remains cooler than a vehicle during hot weather and so is more comfortable for your dog. Dogs will become familiar with the vehicle and associate it with exercise and fun and so even the most anxious of dogs will soon become comfortable with the transport.



Where do you exercise the dogs?

We currently mainly exercise the dogs in various rural fields and footpaths. We do not walk in public parks unless there is a specific request by an owner and it is a private walk. We are currently looking at opportunities to obtain a suitable dedicated field for exercise and play. 



Do you need keys for our home?

We will only need keys if you are not home at the time of our attendance, indeed some of our services are based around supporting you when you are not home. Keys may be left in a key-safe for us to collect or we retain a copy. We will ensure that the keys remain safe and the security of your home is paramount.



What do i leave out for my dog?

For walks your dog only needs a collar and MUST have a tag on the collar to comply with the Law. We provide the leads. In the winter we will make use of dog coats if you have them but cannot be held responsible for any damage caused. For daycare we can provide the bedding. We do not feed during daycare unless specified. For boarding we require sufficient food that you normally feed your dog and are happy to take bedding and toys. 



What time do you collect?

We currently have three collection times, 8.30am to-9.30am; 10.45am to 11.45am and 1pm to 2pm. Last drops are from 3.15pm. Daycare is from first collection to last drop off period.



What happens in poor weather?

We get wet! Most dogs do not mind the rain and cold and will be happy to be out there, as a dog walker getting wet is an occupational hazard and we learn to enjoy it as much as the dogs. We are happy to use any coats/jackets that you have for your dogs but are unable to take responsibility for any damage caused to them. 



Do you ever refuse dogs?

Unfortunately we do refuse dogs if they are aggressive and present a risk to other dogs, West Kent Dog Care staff or members of the public. West Kent Dog Care have the final say on what is considered to be aggressive.



What happens if my dog gets injured?

We have dog first aid skills and if minor we can assess any injury and we carry a first aid kit. We will contact you to advise you of any minor injury. In all cases of emergencies we will contact you asap. If veterinary treatment is required we will discuss this with you, all veterinary costs are down to the you the owner and NOT West Kent Dog Care. In cases of extreme emergency e.g. Torsion or cases where we are unable to contact you we will consider the well being of the dog and seek veterinary advice urgently.



Does the dog have to be well trained?

We love the different characters dogs have but as stated above we are unable to walk, daycare and board any dogs that are aggressive. For off lead walks dogs must have some recall.



Do you cater for all breeds?

Yes, as long as your dog is well behaved and not aggressive. With giant breeds we may alter collection due to cage sizes



Does my dog have to be neutered/castrated?

No but we need to be respectful for all dogs. Bitches in season will not be taken on a group walk. If dogs that have not been castrated show dominant or over sexualised behaviour they may be refused group walks.



Can you help with young puppies?

Yes, very young puppies need to be let out regularly and our Daily Check In service can assist with this. We would recommend at least two of our Check In's for very young dogs where owners are working during the day. With Home Plus we could assist clearing up any mess following any toilet accidents your puppy has had. Puppies can join us on walks which is excellent for their socialisation but only once they have had all their vaccinations. We recommend you should wait one week after the final vaccination to ensure immunity. We monitor young puppies on walks to ensure they don't overdo the exercise with their growing bones and muscles.



What do I do if I need to cancel?

Let us know within 24hrs before the date of booking otherwise we will expect full payment.



What are your opening hours?

We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We monitor the phone and emails daily. We  can provide services outside these hours (see below)



Do you do evening/weekend walking?

We can subject to availability and separate negotiation on price. Any weekend or evening booking requires 72 hour cancellation notice.



Do I have to sign a contract?

During the initial meeting we discuss the West Kent Dog Care terms and conditions. You will only be required to sign that you agree to the terms and conditions of the service; there is no contract to sign and no minimum cost, you only pay for the service you require on the relevant days. 

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